24 Carat Magic in the air!

24 Carat Magic in the air!


The Ultimate Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift

If it makes you happy to make someone else happy, let the special people in your life know they are appreciated with a gift box of our gourmet macarons. The perfect alternative to sending flowers or chocolates this Valentine’s Day.




Our very special Limited Edition Valentine’s inspired Macarons are not just for Valentine’s Day, but are available for the whole month of February, for you to share the love with the people who matter to you the most, because who doesn’t love feeling loved?



These unique & decadent Valentine's Day treats include 3 flavours: - Champagne macarons encased in 24 carat gold, Velvet Rose macarons encased in red velvet ruby chocolate and Treble Chocolate macarons, encased in dark chocolate. Using the finest quality Belgian chocolate.





Biting into one of our macarons is an experience in itself. As the crisp outer shell gives way to the soft chewy centre revealing the flavourful filling, promising a flavour-packed mouthful with every single bite!




Each and every macaron is freshly made by hand, and generously filled with a combination of rich ganache’s, buttercreams, caramels & curds. Using only the finest quality ingredients.