The World is in our hands

The World is in our hands


Thanks to the eye-opening scenes of Blue Planet, more and more of the population are considering the impact of their actions. We are in awe of the work that Sir David Attenborough has done. That’s why, at The March Hare Bakery we are committed to being as sustainable as we possibly can, in order to reduce the impact our bakery has on the planet.


Here are some of the ways we are making The March Hare Bakery more sustainable:


About our packaging

When selecting our packaging, we try our hardest to source either biodegradable or recyclable, using as little plastic as possible.

Our macaron boxes are made completely from cardboard. Our tags, flavour menus & cards are all made from recycled card.

The inserts for our postal macarons are made from plastic, these can be recycled along with your household recycling.

 Macaron Boxes  Postal Macaron Inserts  Pickup Macaron Inserts


The cushion pads inside our boxes to protect our macarons & treats during shipping are made from glassine paper (produced from wood pulp), making these biodegradable.

Any plastic used in our postal packaging is recycled plastic from our own purchases, that we then pass on to the next person and we hope our customers will do the same with the recycled plastic they receive off us in their order.

Our postal boxes are either completely biodegradable or recyclable.

The mailing bags used are made from sugar cane (the greenest material on the market).

 We also use shredded paper filler which is made from recycled paper.

 Our stickers are made from recycled paper are 100% biodegradable.

 The document wallets can be recycled along with your plastics recycling.

Our packing tapes are acid free, 100% vegan friendly & recyclable.


Small Batch Baking


All of our macarons are freshly baked to order in small batches, ensuring no ingredients are wasted. Any left-over macarons are used in our Rocky Road Macsicles or given away, spreading the Macaron Love.


Our Ingredients


Wherever possible we use only the best quality, organic and ethically sourced ingredients, from Callebaut Chocolate,  Heilala Vanilla, Hatton Hill and Real Food Source.


We hope our customers appreciate the efforts we have gone to, to help reduce the plastic waste and damages we are causing to our planet.


Tell us your thoughts


We are constantly striving to be more sustainable, so if you have an idea on how we can do better, get in touch with us here, we’d love to hear from you.