Our vegan range of plant-based macarons, now includes 12 of our most popular flavours taken from our Classics & Nostalgia Collections.

These plant based macarons are soft and chewy with a sweet crunch, a delicious, eggless alternative to the traditional version.

Each box comes beautifully presented in a white gift box, hand-tied with a yellow ribbon - making them a great gift.

Flavours Include: Salted Caramel / Chocolate / Vanilla / Raspberry Rose / Pistachio / Cherry Coconut / Jaffa Cake / Unicorn Ice cream / Passionfruit Chocolate / Birthday Cake / Strawberry Champagne / Candy Floss Kiss

  • Jaffa Cake

    An orange macaron shell, topped with a crisp dark chocolate disk. Filled with a silky smooth milk chocolate ganache with candied orange jam

  • Unicorn Ice cream

    A bright purple macaron shell, topped with brightly coloured sugar strands. Filled with a light and fluffy ice cream flavoured buttercream.

  • Strawberry Champagne

    A deep red macaron shell, decorated with a touch of gold. Filled with a decadent Champagne chocolate ganache with popping candy & a strawberry gel centre.

  • Candy Floss Kiss

    A beautiful pink & blue swirled macaron shell. Filled with a light & fluffy candy floss flavoured buttercream.

  • Passionfruit Chocolate

    A yellow and chocolate macaron shell. Filled with fresh and zingy passionfruit and chocolate ganache.

  • Birthday Cake

    An ivory macaron shell, topped with brighlty coloured 100's & 1000's. Filled with a light & fluffy fairy cake flavoured buttercream.

  • Salted Caramel Macarons with gold shells and oozing caramel filling cut in half and stacked

    Salted Caramel

    A sparkly gold macaron shell. Filled with a silky smooth caramel buttercream with a gooey slightly salted caramel centre.

  • Raspberry Rose

    Pretty pink macaron shells, filled with a silky smooth rose infused white chocolate ganache with fresh raspberry gel centre.

  • Pistachio

    A sage green macaron shell, topped with toasted pistachios. Filled with a mildly sweet and creamy pistachio white chocolate ganache with an utterly nutty pistachio paste centre.

  • Chocolate

    A rich chocolate macaron shell, topped with a dark chocolate drizzle. Filled with a deliciously decadent blend of milk & dark chocolate ganache.

  • Vanilla Bean

    A white macaron shell, dusted with vanilla bean powder. Filled with a silky smooth white chocolate ganache infused with Vanilla Bean.

  • Cherry Coconut

    A rich cherry macaron shell, topped with toasated coconut. Filled with a creamy coconut milk chocolate ganache with a fresh cherry gel centre.

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