The expert panel is made up of chefs, buyers, food writers & retailers who give honest, straightforward and impartial feedback. 

The feedback received from the judges:

"Very attractive, well made macarons. This is a brave flavour combination for a macaron - but it is handled well so that the savoury Marmite is working in harmony with the sweet elements to give a fun, innovative and tasty macaron.

We gave a great deal of consideration to this product which shouldn't work but just does! The macarons are technically brilliant with crisp meringue and soft white chocolate ganache. The marmite flavour adds a moreish umami."

Great Taste stars are highly respected seals of approval, and we are beyond delighted to have received such a prestigious award for our first ever award submission!

Find out why the Great Taste Award is so important to both retailers and producers:

Our award winning Marmite & Burnt Toast Macaron .... found in the Taste of Britain Collection.

The Taste of Britain Collection of macarons is inspired by some of our favourite British products, flavours, pastimes & sporting events, and brings six of Britains most loved flavours together into one truly unique & delicious treat box.

  • Srawberries & Cream

    A white macaron shell, with slashes of strawberry red. Filled with a fresh strawberry buttercream & a vanilla white chocolate ganache swirl.

  • Malt Whiskey

    A sparkly gold macaron shell and a decadent chocolate macaron shell Filled with a dark chocolate ganache infused with malt whiskey.

  • Gin & Tonic

    A light green macaron shell decorated with plashes of dark green. Filled with a light and fluffy tonic & cucumber cream with a punchy gin & lemon gel centre.

  • Rhubarb & Custard

    A beautiful pink & yellow swirled macaron shell. Filled with a light & fluffy custard buttercream with a homemade rhubarb jam centre.

  • Marmite & Burnt Toast

    A lightly toasted creamy brown macaron shell. Filled with a white chocolate ganache infused with burnt toast & marmite.

  • Liquorice & Violet

    A purple macaron shell and a black macaron shell. Filled with a white chocolate ganache infused with liquorice root & violet.

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